Prisoners are denied their voting rights


CIVIL obtained additional data on prisoners being denied their voting rights. The wife of a person who is serving in the investigation prison of Shuto Orizari, Skopje, testifies that on the Election Day for the first round of presidential elections, her husband could not be found in the electoral register. When visiting her husband after the first round of elections, he told her that four other people he has been communicating with daily, were not able to vote that day, as their names were not in the electoral register.

Electoral boards behaving oddly towards the stringent rules


At the polling day, the observers registered blatant violations of the Electoral Code by the electoral boards, ranging from violation of both the voters’ privacy and the secret ballot, to reading out loud the single identification numbers and other personal data of the citizens. Astonishing information obtained from a polling station in a village near Skopje is speaking about electoral board members who collectively take part in electoral irregularity. One of the members of the electoral board has given two ballot papers to a citizen, and after the vote had been cast, no one of the remaining members had objected about what happened.

SEC and the Administrative Court have rejected complaints on phantom voters


The State Election Commission (SEC) and the Administrative Court have rejected SDMS’s complaints, expressing suspicion that 20.000 deceased and displaced persons are listed in the electoral register in 22 municipalities around Macedonia. When lodging the grievances, SDSM expressed their suspicion that it is about deceased persons, persons permanently displaced or persons not living on the addresses indicated in the electoral register.

DPA: DUI officials engrossed in corruption


Bekim Fazliu, a parliamentarian coming from the Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), submitted documentation to the Anti-Corruption Commission, in which, as he says, the engross into corruption of DUI officials is evidenced. Fazliu condemns Blerim Bexheti and the Director of Post Office, Rafiz Haliti, for crime and theft.

Children misused for public meetings

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Minor children were seen yesterday carrying a party flag during the public meeting of the Democratic Union for Integration held in the vicinity of Negotino village, Polog region. This action may be seen on the photos shared by a CIVIL observer.