MoI declared itself not competent over the issues concerning phantom entrances and voters


“We have no authority to check whether the data of the ID cards is correct”, stated MoI Spokesperson, Ivo Kotevski.

This statement came after Civil’s team yesterday detected that the Voters’ List contains records of voters registered in imaginary third entrance of two buildings located in the municipality Kisela Voda; buildings that in reality have only two entrances. Fourteen people have been registered in the third entrance of buildings located on the streets “Pushkinova” and “Michail Chakov”.

DUI exerting pressure over Lajm newspaper


DUI (Democratic Union for Integration) officials are exerting constant pressure over Lajm daily newspaper; and in addition to that, the journalists of this newspaper are also under huge pressure from the Albanian governing party, claims a source form this newspaper. Civil received a letter stating the following: “Lajm is under constant pressure from DUI officials, who use various methods to obstruct the work of our newspaper. A Facebook profile under the name BDI-Uçk, called for a protest yesterday, and the reason for this has been said to be the column written by the newspaper’s director, Fejzi Hajdari, titled as “Picnic and Espionage”.

Stormy week one of the pre-elections campaign

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It was a stormy week of campaigning on the double elections in Macedonia. Presidential candidates held a series of rallies in numerous cities and villages across the country, presenting their new programs. According to Civil’s record, VMRO-DPMNE held 27 rallies and gatherings, SDSM – 29, GROM-9, DPA 7, and DUI met 10 times with the citizens, although they don’t have a presidential candidate.

One year without Nikola Mladenov


With deep respect to Nikola Mladenov, our dear and unforgotten friend and colleague, the great name of the Macedonian journalism and free thinking, the Front for Freedom of Expression held an event with participation of journalists, human rights activists and open-minded people who remembered his words and achievements. The event took place in the Journslists’ Club on March 27, 2014.

We’ll stay impartial, dedicated and consistent

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Regarding to the text “Nongovernmental association Civil lied in a coarsely way, while Gerovski through his medias, misused this” and other texts in this context, published in the page of VMRO-DPMNE, on 26.03.2014.

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