Children misused for public meetings

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Minor children were seen yesterday carrying a party flag during the public meeting of the Democratic Union for Integration held in the vicinity of Negotino village, Polog region. This action may be seen on the photos shared by a CIVIL observer.

Civil with increased monitoring for the elections

Прес конференција на 22.04.2014

The first round of the presidential elections was marked by an array of irregularities, registered by the observers of Civil – Center for Freedom. The extremely extensive job that Civil carried out the last time is an additional motivation for the organization to increase its presence on Sunday with additional observers on the field, the number of which makes a total of 116 observers. All of them will be in direct contact with the desk in the press center, which will be recording all cases regarding violation and breach of the Electoral Code, as well as other events that are subject to monitoring under the Free Elections 2014 project.

CIVIL Press: Elections irregularities continue

The electoral register turns to be a serious problem. Phantom voters, non-existing entrances and flats into buildings, moreover, entire buildings, deceased persons, deployed voters, are only part of the problems voters in Macedonia have been confronting, stated Xhabir Deralla from the non-governmental organisation CIVIL during today’s Press Conference.

Total of 86 citizens’ denunciations reached CIVIL since the beginning of the election campaign up to until today, in relation to various election irregularities.

Even Easter is used for party agitations

These days, the social networks are engrossed with reactions against Tetovo priests, who have been calling to vote for the ruling political party.

Beside the priests, numerous politicians and political parties have been taking advantage of the Easter, the greatest Christian holiday, to gain political points. Hence, the public have been witnessing eggs painted with party colours, calls to vote and other agitations during the religions manifestations. The impression is unavoidable that the public was not left to celebrate in peace the Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, due to the forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Who is financing the coalition “Get Out and Vote”?

fokus naslovna

The coalition “Get Out and Vote” which had the largest number of observers on the presidential elections (staggering 5,000 persons), has refused to list their donors – says FOKUS

The coalition “Get Out and Vote” which had the largest number of observers on the presidential elections (staggering 5,000 persons) has refused to say publically who their donors are. Apart from the donors, this coalition, which claims to have 94 civic organizations standing behind them, has not even published the names of the NGOs that form part of the coalition.